Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rick Genest - I like him

Rick Genest, the tattooed adonis, is coming into my radar more and more lately. I first caught glimpse of him on the Outsapop website, he was doing some modeling for a Menswear line. Rick is a 26 (?) year old, Canadian born model  with a love for skin art. I later saw him on a banner for a Lady Gaga video on Youtube and thought "Wow, this guy is getting around fast!" At that time, I had to stop myself from posting about him, because I didnt want to be "that'' girl. The swooning blogger posting nonsense about sexy boys. 

Well, today I am the impressed blogger posting cool things about this sexy boy. 

I just saw this video on Youtube, it's an advert for a makeup line called "Dermablend", the clever idea behind this marketing campaign was to covered Ricks body with makeup making him look un-tattooed again. We all know how makeup can cover blemishes , but seeing Rick go from skeleton to  human is a cool transformation to watch. See below.


  1. ::jaw drops:: Absolutely Incredible!!

  2. oddly enough...he looks hotter with the tattoos all over his body.