Saturday, November 19, 2011

I love: Candice Tripp

Perusing Instagram one faithful day, I came across Cadice Tripps Instagram feed and was completely amused and intrigued by her lovely artwork. Born in South Africa and now a permanent resident of England, Candice makes art her full time job. She's not only beautiful, funny and talented, but she has that special "creepy gene" that I love so much.

What I really enjoy about her paintings, is her use of empty space. My favorite one (shown above) called "Team Building" is mostly blank space, but shows a posse of creepy masked children bullying one of their peers. I love the dark nature of her pieces, and the way she combines that with childlike whimsy. I cant wait to own one of my very own Candice Tripp prints one day, to gaze adoringly at for hours.

Check out her site and blog here :

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