Thursday, August 11, 2011

I love: Kourtney Roy

I found Kourtney Roy via  ''Honestly .... WTF".

I just love the concept and how perfectly she orchestrated her idea for this series of photographs. 'Small town girls thinking of the lives they'd rather be living', Genius! We see a prom queen, maid, cheerleader, mother, and more, sitting in front of a cheesy vintage style backdrop. The look on their faces is that of deep thought, anguish, and sadness (All self portraits, might I add) Kourtney's amazing attention to detail is apparent  by her selection of wardrobe, accessories and props.

As I perused through her website I found that most of what she shoots has that same vintage flare. I don't know if she works with a team, or does this on her own, but the set design and styling are always impeccable.  I love vintage clothes, and there is no shortage of vintage garb to admire in her shots.

I can only assume she is a Helmut Newton fan, since her shots have so much Helmut Newton-like inspiration, which of course I admire and love. This girl  has fashion photography coursing through her!

I love Kourtney Roy

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