Saturday, August 6, 2011

I love: Jordan Baumgarten Photography

Today, I am going to come out of hiatus and tell you all about one of my favorite photographers. I guess I'm a little bias because I know him personally.... but I swear, he's actually really talented. What I find interesting about Jordan is that he's color blind. He doesn't  really see it as a big deal, but I cant figure out how he can't see color properly and still take such great shots. He has been shooting  B+W lately "as a departure from color", but his color images are just as amazingly composed and beautiful as his B+W! My favorite thing about being friends with Jordan is getting a first look at some of the ridiculous and interesting  things he comes across. He sends me funny captioned emails that make me smile, and for that, he's my favorite ever. Witty, talented, and dashing, I love: Jordan Baumgarten Photography.

Check out his website here:
and his blog, (where he posts a photo a day) here:

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