Thursday, August 11, 2011

I love: Kourtney Roy

I found Kourtney Roy via  ''Honestly .... WTF".

I just love the concept and how perfectly she orchestrated her idea for this series of photographs. 'Small town girls thinking of the lives they'd rather be living', Genius! We see a prom queen, maid, cheerleader, mother, and more, sitting in front of a cheesy vintage style backdrop. The look on their faces is that of deep thought, anguish, and sadness (All self portraits, might I add) Kourtney's amazing attention to detail is apparent  by her selection of wardrobe, accessories and props.

As I perused through her website I found that most of what she shoots has that same vintage flare. I don't know if she works with a team, or does this on her own, but the set design and styling are always impeccable.  I love vintage clothes, and there is no shortage of vintage garb to admire in her shots.

I can only assume she is a Helmut Newton fan, since her shots have so much Helmut Newton-like inspiration, which of course I admire and love. This girl  has fashion photography coursing through her!

I love Kourtney Roy

Saturday, August 6, 2011


With the help of my new found friend and boss ( Ada Truesdell ), I am redecorating my apartment.  I rid myself of the giant grey sofa and have decided to  simplifying my style by minimizing to just a few essential, nice pieces. We have decided to reupholster a vintage "Bergere" chair, add some pretty lamps, and a solid colored cowhide rug to class up my pad. This will give  it a more "upscale" look, all while keeping the quirky Ingrid-ness I have going on. 

I will post some more images once I have everything finished :) 
I'm totally excited about this project. Change is good!

I love: Jordan Baumgarten Photography

Today, I am going to come out of hiatus and tell you all about one of my favorite photographers. I guess I'm a little bias because I know him personally.... but I swear, he's actually really talented. What I find interesting about Jordan is that he's color blind. He doesn't  really see it as a big deal, but I cant figure out how he can't see color properly and still take such great shots. He has been shooting  B+W lately "as a departure from color", but his color images are just as amazingly composed and beautiful as his B+W! My favorite thing about being friends with Jordan is getting a first look at some of the ridiculous and interesting  things he comes across. He sends me funny captioned emails that make me smile, and for that, he's my favorite ever. Witty, talented, and dashing, I love: Jordan Baumgarten Photography.

Check out his website here:
and his blog, (where he posts a photo a day) here: