Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Dye For

RunwayDreamz -
purple and pink dyed shorts

 Dyed shorts are all the buzz in the DIY blogs this summer. I saw some really awesome ones by a brand called RunwayDreamz but they are retailing at... brace yourself.... $169.00.

Sure, I could just fork over the $169.00 for a super cool pair that already has all the bells and whistles (i.e. tears and studs) although I don't think I'd be able to live with myself after.  Instead, I thought  I'd embrace my inner DIYer and make my very own pair for less than $20.00. I'm not Oprah....and $169.00 for a pair of shorts is a little rich even for my fancy taste.

So I set out to the local second hand store for some jeans that I could rip up into shorts, and I got some dye at Publix. They didnt have the colors I wanted to make a pair similar to the ones on the left, so I just got Fuchsia and Yellow. Well,  long story short...I fucked them up.

This image was taken before I washed the bleach out.
They came out less yellow than this.

So I took a pair of my very own jeans and decided to try again. This time I held out on the dye because I really like the way they came out without being tie dyed. All I need now is to let them dry and apply some bells and whistles! They remind me of something I'd find in the AllSaints store and not buy because they cost way too much. Booyah, AllSaints!

I think Im gonna try again at the dual color shorts so stay tuned!

I don't know. 

UPDATE* Once the others dried, they basically turned light grey and beige. I tried to add some black dye to them to make them look more like the pic I posted above, but I  ended up fucking them up as well. That was very fun and not frustrating at all.
I bleached them and dyed them yellow pink and red (which looked more orange). I also bleached my fingers raw, so don't forget to wear gloves! I am not happy with these, so Im gonna try again once my hands heal. haha

This is an entertaining project and its interesting to see my shorts go from 'pretty cool' to 'hippied out' and back to a blank canvas again.

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  1. Nice! Bringing back the tie-dye days. I like the red/yellow/orange ones.