Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm Buggin!

Handmade by Ing :
Brass - Swarovski Crystal - Smoky Quartz
& Beetle in Resin 
Wednesday was the first time my bug necklace saw the light of day. I took it to Red Koi on Miracle Mile, where it had lunch with The Bunni and I. Overhearing our conversation on my new piece, a lovely woman interrupted and commented on how nice and "professional looking" my necklace had come out! She explained that she studied Entomology and that was all it took to make my day!

She went on about how much she loved my piec but it saddens me to say that I had no business card or website or anything to give her! I have to get on this ASAP. Yesterday I wore my necklace out again, the girl from Chicken Kitchen said she liked it. Haha, not exactly the same thing, but not everyone could be a beautiful Entomologist with good hearing! Atleast people are noticing it  though and so far I'm getting a great response! 

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  1. Look at this! It's looks beautiful!! ok - now make ME one! haha