Monday, April 25, 2011

Project Facade

Fine. I will admit it....
I like creepy things.

Back in 2009, I somehow stumbled across the mother-load of creepiness; I found THIS SITE which contains images of postmortem infants of the 1800's. As I remember, was still "in" and I posted a blog on there about my strange find. That post ended up arousing the curiosity of a gentleman who I would later date for almost two years. Isn't that just heartwarmingly disgusting and cute? I can't image getting the same results this time around, but I can say that a girl can only hope and dream. ha!

Any-hoot...I have stumbled across this little interesting gem.... Its a site called Project Facade which contains case studies of facially disfigured soldiers from the first World War who underwent reconstructive surgery (when reconstructive surgery first came about). *I cant even imagine getting a cold during that time much less extensive facial surgery!* They show before and after pictures along with information on some of the soldiers, and the innovative procedures they used. It goes without saying, that it's not for the squeamish (like Bryan Esper).

Just when you think  you've reached the end of the internet with your hours and hours of endless web browsing, you take another look and find gems like these that bring back that excitement you once had about the world wide web.That statement is probably a bit exaggerated.

Check out Project Facade


  1. As squeamish as I was in first checking out this website, I ended up going back and reading up on it. It's too weird Ing!

  2. this is outrageous. ::can't stop looking at it::