Thursday, April 21, 2011

Listen Up! The President

I received an email last week and the subject was: "The President wrote a song about you". Intrigued, I opened the mail and listened to track 5 of The Presidents new album..... after dropping to the floor in convulsions, my ears literally threw up! Such a GREAT TRACK! My names in it, thats why.

Not to be confused with "The Presidents of the United States of America" (who have aeons of talent in comparison) , The President is actually a one man band, and as unbearable as his music is...I'd be lying if I said his drive and confidence  doesn't mildly impress me. Way to go Mr. President, happy about your album, keep making music that makes people want to shoot themselves in the ears!   love: Ing

Check out his entire album:  HERE


  1. what didn't you like about it

  2. I actually loved it. I was just busting his balls. After listening to the album, it's one of my favorites.