Saturday, March 19, 2011

I understand now.

The mailman who I LOVED was replaced with some fat woman.
The old mail man was my FAVORITE, so I was sad to see him go.
He loved Barry White, had two bad knees, and was always smiling.
So now it's me and the fat mean woman.
On her second delivery to the showroom
she complained about having to walk all the way to my desk.
That pissed me off, because walking is 99% of her job!
She would wobble from side to side all the way to my desk, daily.
I grew tired of watching her I said to her one day:
"You know what.....just leave the mail on that table by the door"
Ever since then, she's been all smiles, super nice, and greets me each time she walks in.

Moral of the story....fat people like you better when you make them walk less.

Got it.


  1. I was gonna delete this post today....I was worried it would seem mean spirited.... but I feel better now :) thank you