Friday, March 18, 2011


Has thou frozen over?!

It's no secret that yesterday was St.Patricks Day, and just like any proud Irish woman would do on that day, I drank. BUT HERE I AM, bright and early to engage in another fabulous day of work! 

Have I told you about my co-worker Juliana? She is a pretty columbian chick (recollects a drunken rant about the same topic the evening prior) I have been given the task of helping this little angel with HER tasks because they overwork her. Fine. Ing doesn't mind helping others from time to time...

HOWEVER, unlike me, she is slightly high strung and is almost constantly stressed and demanding things right away. This in turn stresses ME out even though I am generally a pretty laid back person. She hands me these numbered lists of things to do and although I have become accustomed to these damn lists, it still drives me mad when she hands me one. 

So this morning I come in to work and before I could even sit my ass down and turn my computer on Mario immediately starts to IM me! So I address the frantic gay calmly. He tells me his mid morning daydreams about islands and cabanas and palm trees and sleeping.....and just as I'm getting to that level of imagination and start thinking of things to add to his amazing fantasy I hear steps coming down the metal stairs in the back. I have developed a method of pinpointing who is coming by the sound their shoes make and the loudness of the thump on each step. Right away I know its Juliana....

"Here she comes, I hear her coming" I type to Mario....

And Juliana appears....

"You probably hear me coming down the stairs don't you" she says cheerfully.
"Yes.." I nod ".....yes I do" and force a smile upon my face.
"I just wanted to give you this...." she says and hands me a box of chocolates and a note.
I smile, (genuinely this time) surprised at the nice gesture from this person I otherwise considered a non human robot workaholic. "Thank you...thats very romantic of you" I say in my half amused voice. "Im a very romantic girl" she says. She looked up to her right....which means that she was reaching into the memory vault in her mind and pulling out an instance  where she did something romantic....she  completely failed to pick up on my sarcasm. 

She makes it  hard to dislike her when she surprises me with chocolate, and in a way it makes me dislike her more.


  1. frantic gay, huh? frantic?
    you're lucky i dont like ferrero rocher chocolates or id stake claim to them.

  2. I want a chocolate.

    Aside from that though, I think Julianna knows you probably dislike her and her lists. She's attempting to strike a new chord with you! Invite her out for a drink or something, who knows, you guys could soon become BEST FRIENDS!!!

    Ok ok...I don't see all that happening. She probably got the chocolates as a gift anyway. That bitch! She's a regifter.