Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Vampire - Charles Baudelaire

The Vampire

You invaded my sorrowful heart
Like the sudden stroke of a blade,
Bold a s a lunatic troupe
Of demons in drunken parade,

You in my mortified soul
Made you bed and your domain;
Abhorrence, to whom I am bound
As the convict is to the chain,

As the drunkard to the jug,
As the gambler to the game,
As to the vermin the corpse,
- I damn you, out of my shame!

And I prayed to the eager sword
To win my deliverance,
And have asked the perfidious vial
To redeem my cowardice

Alas! the vial and the sword
Disdainfully said to me;
"You are not worthy to lift
From your wretched slavery

You fool! - if from her command
Our efforts delivered you forth,
Your kisses would waken again
Your vampire lover's corpse!"

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