Thursday, February 3, 2011

Listen up! Mohammed Rafi - Jaan Pehechaan ho

Reader submitted song, amazing tune  brought to you anonymously by : 
"Fog Over Life"

Translation :
Let’s get to know each other
Life would become easier
You who have stolen my heart

Do no be so elusive
At least tell me your name
May this wonderful evening
Not pass unavailed
For it will not return
On anyone’s call
Whether you speak or not
Your message is clear
The hard blow fell
Right on my heart
Stolen glances,
Impassioned looks
Let this small matter
Not become a huge tale


  1. Awesome song and video, I remember it from the opening of Ghost World. That movie had great music, including Skip James as you can tell from the top comment on here:

  2. I remember this song from the opening scene of Ghost World also. Good movie, Steve Buscemi- awesome actor.

  3. @justin - 2:23 is what I'm talking about !

  4. That's totally your new move. I'll be disappointed if you don't master it.