Friday, January 14, 2011

Twitter Log

Um ... Hi... My name is Ingrid, owner of this most interesting, exciting, revolutionary, blog that you may frequent! While I am exaggerating, it is no exaggeration that I do have a few faithful readers thank you for that, without you 5...nothing would be different.
I would just like to point out a fun new addition to fun new way to stay up to date on all things ING. I have recently added my Twitter feed to the page which is located to the right. You can find it comfortably nestled beneath my "About Me"section, for your reading pleasure.
Yes....although I have not succumbed to joining Fecesbook I have however, decided to join the Twitter community. The people on there are interesting and witty, (this section edited for snark content) and it's sort of like micro blogging which I enjoy!

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