Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paper Mache Skull Helmet

Last Halloween I wanted to dress as a warrior type person, all in black with weapons and wearing a large paper mache "human" skull on my head. However, I was SO uninspired, that the only thing I dressed up as was a foolish girl with a gas-mask on.

BUT YESTERDAY I found that inspiration and came home and paper mached till the wee hours! I picked up some New Times on the way home, got comfy, poured myself a drink and got to work. Here are some pics! Say you love it !

Look old friend, I still have this glass head.


  1. It came out nice! Very "Day of the Dead"!! LOL

  2. I plan to wear it to a party im going to in the next few weeks. ;)

  3. That would be awesome! I want to go with you...what should I wear?

  4. how cool!!!