Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taxidermy Brew

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Look, I like Taxidermy as much as the next guy.... but when I saw this post on (A blog I follow) I nearly shat myself! (and not in a good way) haha Seriously though... I will drink liquor out of just about any container, even a shoe if you catch me in a good mood. However, I dont think I could ever bring myself to drink out of a taxidermy animal....well....not for free.


  1. "I will drink liquor out of just about any container, even a shoe if you catch me at the right moment."

    I'll only drink out of Italian high heel shoes. And so should you!

  2. lol Youre right Apollo....touche'

  3. This is quite disturbing...
    it's disturbing to the third degree! ;)

  4. But really, why the bottle? Old canteens were made out of animal bladder, so why not a squirrel canteen? Plus, it would look a hundred times cooler if the squirrel was all squishy and amorphous and had a cork stuffed in its mouth.