Friday, October 1, 2010


I was walking back from getting my caffeine fix at Passions when I decided to pass by this Indian store that sells fairly inexpensive accessories, sage, minerals and other things. Standing at the checkout counter, I was immediately drawn to this beautiful mineral. I had seen one like it online before but didn't know its name... I remembered it because of its unique colors.

The store is having a 30% off sale so I purchased it on a whim for my soon to be mineral tray. "Mineral tray? Whats that!?" I plan to have a beautiful dish with various minerals of different sizes, shapes and colors which I will place on a console in my home to draw in positive energy.

So I came back to work to look up this minerals name and it just so happens that today, OCTOBER 1st 2010, on the first cool (ish) day of Autumn, I unknowingly purchased Tourmaline which is said to be one of the birthstones for October and Libras. I love Libras <3 My Bunni is a Libra, and so are John and Yaney. Happy Early Birthday to you all!

Other uses for Tourmaline....
"Tourmaline's are said to enhance one's understanding, increase self-confidence and amplify one's psychic energies. They also are said to neutralize negative energies, dispel fear and grief, and to aid in concentration and communication."

Interest-ing, I could use some of all that!


  1. Awesome! Just keep it away from me please lol ;)

    and thank you! xoxo