Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vulgarities Make Me Smile

Does it make me an angry person if I just loved this ransom note?
Which is your favorite? Click the link below to see them all!

max: no i cant, I have to work
jv: fine!
jv: I'll do this simple task by myself!
max: good idea
jv: bite it
max: ........bite it?
max: hahaha
jv: yeah bite it
max: that doesnt work!
max: bite what!? your dick!?
jv: it
max: that doesnt make sense!
jv: bite my dick... yeah that's what it means
jv: its a mix of bite me and suck my dick
max: see how that doesnt make sense!?
jv: so what does 'bite me' mean then? How does that make sense?
max: its so old that it just ... DOES

See more here : Pieces of What
Timothy Buckwalter


  1. I was torn in between:

    "Why is everyone a pussy?"


    "May the bridges I burn light the way."

  2. I KNEW IT! When I read the "Why is everyone a pussy?" I instantly thought of you!

  3. ha ha ha! how predictable I could be :)

  4. "May the bridges I burn light the way."


    "Stop me if I start Lying"

  5. Damn....we be burning up dem bridges!
    Thats actually one of my favorites too .... haha