Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Super Cute!

You know that scream that plays whenever Ren and Stimpy get really excited about something? It's the sound of a woman shrieking with pleasure....Well, that is what it sounded like in my head when I saw this little guy.....

Um......can you say "cute" ?

The yet to be released Fujifilm Finepix x100, will be out in March and it comes with a  hefty pricetag of $1000. The throwback vintage design is beautiful...but I'm a bit skeptical when purchasing cameras made by companies who's main focus is manufacturing film. I guess they have to stay in business somehow with film sales dwindling. Anyway, back to this little guy.....Isnt he just adorable!? Aparently it has new features and things that are too technical for me to process. Here are the specs and a link.....anyone care to elaborate?


  1. I love these throw back camera bodies, soooo so cool! This one reminds me of the Lieca M6. I would like to see the other guys do it, Pentax/Nikon/Canon. You knooooooow!

  2. Yea totally. The reason I got my CanonG11 is because it resembles those old little cameras, but this one is redick! I love it :)