Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No sir, I dont like it....

Staying sort of on topic (not)....

Science takes the fun out of everything! With it's disecting of THIS and intense examinations of THAT, they never leave anything unchartered, do they?! JEEZ, SCIENCE! WHY YOU GOTTA BE SUCH A DOWNER, DUDE!?

Reading through "The Anatomy of Love" I got really upset about something... and so I did what any upset disillusioned girl would do.....I drew an MS paint graph to explain it all and then I blogged about it!
***For the more advanced readers...check the links below.***

What the fuck,  right !? Why MUST it all fade in 4 years time!? Typically, that really is how much time goes by before I want to viciously murder my mate....but what irks me is, why must there be a deadline on this!?

So, if you find yourselves in a long term relationship, realize whats happening inside your brain and work together for more excitement... and eat less, Mario. You dont want to end up like (oh snap!)  THIS  (whoops, my bad!) <~Eeek read this.


  1. Think of it this way...does your love for someone cause your body to produce these chemicals or because your body produces this chemical you fall in (or out) love with someone. I think the former.

  2. should be enjoying that BIG ASS low blow Ing just delivered in her post.

    I sure as hell am LOL

  3. Yea youre right Apollo it's the latter.

    Being in love is actually a state of euphoria caused by a temporary high due to the release of these PEA hormones!

    The realization of a relationship being boring and redundant and monotonous (cringes at the word) is just the really awful come down, from your drug induced high.

    Nothing is real, we're all just stoned, it's madness I tell ya! MADNESS!!!!

  4. So I guess now you'll have a harder time denying it when I say you're a chronic dater? You might as well face it, you're addicted to love!

    Might as well face it you're addicted to love (chorus)

    But this is why you need to find somebody who you match up with. If you're gonna make it last you need to have more going on than the initial rush. Of course, this only matters when you get tired of endless dating. Until then, enjoy the high!

  5. ::::applause::::: Ladies and gentlemen, the ex boyfriend! Well babe, you seem to have me figured out don't'cha!? But am I addicted to love or just the PEA?! The song had it all wrong. I read they did a study where they gave "romance junkies" MAO inhibitors because it boosts levels of PEA in the brain. In the end they found their subjects making more rational decisions without the desire of that high.( jeez is this what it comes down to!?) That would be worse case scenario. Anyway, Please don't give me advice on love, you know better than I do, we might be in Florida but these trees are fruitless. You think the endorphins made us break uuup? :::::bats eyelashes:::::::

  6. Haha, well you're the one inviting me to your blog! Yeah yeah, things happen, so I take back what I said. I'm sure PEA had nothing to do with any of your past relationships. I like your illustration, by the way, hope you keep doing goofy ass science blogs, I like em (goofy but accurate, don't take that the wrong way!). Oh, and take up skydiving or something- zing!