Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog Review: Guess Her Muff

So I'm reading the Helen Fisher book "The Anatomy of Love" I have just read two chapters that talk about courting rituals , and the reasons why we fall for certain people and not others. In the "courting" portion of her book, I noticed that Helen failed to mention "guessing her muff" .  This as I know, is a scientific process in which the left inferior frontal gyrus is stimulated causing the male subject to become consumed with curiosity as to the grooming habits of the female. Something which I'm sure is involved in every first encounter between a man and a woman.

It must be true....I mean, a whole blog could not have been dedicated to such a thing if it was not something of such importance widely acknowledged by men. is a site composed of images of girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, milfs, ugly chicks, and possibly prostitutes, in  their natural state....fully clothed, out at party, out at dinner, etc. Now, I know this might not sound like the kind of blog any of you would like to's the niche......there is a link located under the image of the girl....each girl having her own number of course (sorta like a Social Security but with no benefits in the end) You click the link  to find a nude version of that same girl...but of course you have to guess her muff prior to clicking the link! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

This is a great drinking game by the way!
Not work friendly :)


  1. cool....another cute way to get a girl naked :) thanx for the tip........ no personal pics on this one huh ;)

  2. for some reason i had you pegged for more of a ALL NATURAL type.... not too hairy but some peach fuzz at least..... and i definately don't see you as one to use toys ;)

  3. hahaha Shit, now Im curious as to who 1134 is! I just threw a number out there when I wrote that! I guess I picked a unique one!

  4. its a shame...cuz it was a pretty one too :)