Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Bad Taste of Lying

I hate when people at work share snacks with you that they think are AWESOME....
because sometimes you try it.....and you say to yourself "NOT AWESOME".

So, you pretend it's the most amazing shit youve ever had, just so they wont feel bad about it.

They walk away, and you think.... "Glad thats over.."

BUT THEN, they return another day and they offer you more of that same shit because they think you LOVED IT the first time.....and youre stuck on this loop for eternity having to eat this SHIT you dont like just cuz you lied to make them happy....

They're your co-workers...so you cant back-track and be like:
"Listen, I cant eat this crap anymore, I lied the first time...Id rather eatmy own vomit than this SHIT...now, take it, and go!"
because then you look like a rude, disgusting, liar.

So in the end, being cordial is bullshit....just let them know its wack in the first place.... lesson learnt!

This has happened to me a few  times already....I should have drawn the line at rice cakes.....


  1. Let this be a lesson that honesty is the best policy in ANY situation. Because if you're not honest, then you'll be eating a lot of shit. ;-)

  2. Yea, Mario, grow some balls and be honest! hahaha

  3. ...you know what? you love to get invited to places and events so that you can turn the invitation down. well, i'm DONE.

    if you don't show up tonight, my inviations will CEASE. you can then rely on bryan's pitty.

    how's that for balls!?

  4. there's just no winning with you, is there?

  5. there is winning with me :( there really is...