Friday, August 6, 2010

I love : Helen Fisher

I heard her talk at the Ted Conference a while back, and just recently I was reading an article and her name came up in it....Helen Fisher is a Behavioral Anthropologist, writer, and professor, who's studies focus on love, and the effect it has on people.

As someone who loves love, loves romanticism, making love, everything about it, even to some degree the loss and pain that comes with it. I find her work very interesting and I just wanted to share.

In her Ted talk she spoke about her study, where she put 32 people  in an MRI machine. Some of these people were freshly in love, some in long term marriages, and some were suffering from having lost someone they love. She asked them all the same questions and found....well, listen to the talk :)

I have been thinking of getting this book by her called The Anatomy of Love where she examines the entire process of falling in love, from courting, to infatuation, marriage,breaking up etc. She writes about the changes our bodies go through physically, mentally, and emotionally. She also speaks of Darwin's theories on love and how some things we do to attract people aren't learned but  instilled in us through evolution, like smiling. She notes that babies who are born blind still exhibit the same inclination to smile as babies born with sight.

Yes sir, I like it....


  1. You like NPR more than you know. Sure, skip the news and politics, but you should listen to their other shows.

    Yeah, I heard about her in 2008. I'm telling you, there's good shit on there!

    Here's a lecture by her, it might be different if you want to check it. Presented by WGBH, the same NPR station that produces This American Life: