Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Haters: Walking

:::sigh:::: Nothing is easy now a days is it? Not even walking. I bet, in the 1800s before proper roads existed, people wandered around the streets willy nilly and never got shit about it....but now, in 2010.....the thought police wants to tell us where to walk and how to walk. I suggest they permanently implimenting Monty Pythons Silly Walk....make it more amusing for themselves.

I was walking to work this morning from the parking garage....usually, I cross the street, enter the alley and walk to work where I enter from the back door. TODAY however, I was greeted in the middle of the street by a police officer....he signaled me over with his hand. I walked over and with a slight annoyance said "Jaywalking." ..... then he accused me of giving him an attitude.

Reason for the attitude:

Other than the fact that this isnt one of the main roads in Coral Gables, If we look at the image below.....we can see the two ways we can cross the street into the alley. The red, is the SUGGESTED way and the yellow is my way. Growing up as a child my mother never told me to look both ways before crossing....I assume she knew it was implied by pure logic. I have made it this far in life without getting hit by a car (Although sometimes I crave for a speeding bus to do me in) and it pisses me off to have some dude telling me how to walk. F--- OFF THOUGHT  WALK POLICE!

Oh....let me mention....I got my name added to a list for this, I got blacklisted for jaywalking!!!! What the f---.

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  1. Hey, I gotta tell you... I'm the one that usually takes the path marked by the "red" arrow in the above diagram. Lololol!