Monday, August 30, 2010

Did I kill "Dear Old Love"? is down! Send for backup!

In the excitement of having my one liner published on last week, I decided to tell someone who I once dated that I was going to submit a one liner about him! Well, not only did the owner of the site publish it....but he wrote back and said "I love this one!" which made me feel pretty awesome! It's fun....I find it's the little things isnt it?

I was just trying to go to the site to get a screen cap of my 2 (yes 2) newly published quotes but the site is down! Did I kill "Dear Old Love"!? I managed to get a screen cap from the mobile version on my phone yesterday and here it is.

1st and 3rd quotes.

Can anyone guess who the 3rd one is about !?

Update* aaaaand we're back! is back in action!


  1. Maybe all the traffic you redirected to "Dear Old Love" the other day crashed their server. The website can handle only so many of your adoring fans.

  2. Ha! That must be true Patches, that must be true. ;)

  3. on quote #3...that's ridiculous, i would make eHarmony match me with you! MAKE IT!