Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Review

About a month ago I said to Geoff  "Hey...go check out my blog!"......
His reply (much like every single thing that comes out of his mouth) was slightly offensive...

He said:
"Blogs are written by uninteresting people to make themselves seem interesting, and people who go there to read that crap are even less interesting than the people writing the blog"

Did I mention that Geoff graduated with a BA in Philosophy? FANCY!


CHECK OUT GEOFFS NEW BLOG, written by him, and his friend who is also named cute!  I'm happy that he decided to do this, I love reading his rants :)


  1. Hey! I like this a lot. Extremely funny. (I went and checked out his blog. Yesterday's post had many valid points.) Now, with regards to this, I wonder, did you post a direct quote from Geoff, where he said "...even less uninteresting..." If so, he may have meant either "even less interesting" or "even more uninteresting"... I wonder which one that makes me? o:)

  2. Good catch.... That was actually me just misquoting him....but I will leave it as is to make him sound more uninteresting!

  3. Actually, I couldnt stand the typo so I corrected it :(