Monday, August 30, 2010

Did I kill "Dear Old Love"? is down! Send for backup!

In the excitement of having my one liner published on last week, I decided to tell someone who I once dated that I was going to submit a one liner about him! Well, not only did the owner of the site publish it....but he wrote back and said "I love this one!" which made me feel pretty awesome! It's fun....I find it's the little things isnt it?

I was just trying to go to the site to get a screen cap of my 2 (yes 2) newly published quotes but the site is down! Did I kill "Dear Old Love"!? I managed to get a screen cap from the mobile version on my phone yesterday and here it is.

1st and 3rd quotes.

Can anyone guess who the 3rd one is about !?

Update* aaaaand we're back! is back in action!

I'm BUGGIN!!!!

So I managed to sell something on Etsy. OMG LOL WTF BRB!!!!
As you all may know...Etsy is so vast , that its almost near impossible for your shop to ever get noticed, but it's true.  I sold a bug, one of my aqua cicadas. Check me out, here :

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I got one of my pathetic one liners published on !
WOOT! and here it is....this one's for you!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Review

About a month ago I said to Geoff  "Hey...go check out my blog!"......
His reply (much like every single thing that comes out of his mouth) was slightly offensive...

He said:
"Blogs are written by uninteresting people to make themselves seem interesting, and people who go there to read that crap are even less interesting than the people writing the blog"

Did I mention that Geoff graduated with a BA in Philosophy? FANCY!


CHECK OUT GEOFFS NEW BLOG, written by him, and his friend who is also named cute!  I'm happy that he decided to do this, I love reading his rants :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I love: Jonah Hill

He's so cuuuuute
 I love him so much <3

"I can smooth my's SO smooth...."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Whats going on here!?

On that note....

Monty Pythons Lumberjack Song!!!!

Haters: Walking

:::sigh:::: Nothing is easy now a days is it? Not even walking. I bet, in the 1800s before proper roads existed, people wandered around the streets willy nilly and never got shit about it....but now, in 2010.....the thought police wants to tell us where to walk and how to walk. I suggest they permanently implimenting Monty Pythons Silly Walk....make it more amusing for themselves.

I was walking to work this morning from the parking garage....usually, I cross the street, enter the alley and walk to work where I enter from the back door. TODAY however, I was greeted in the middle of the street by a police officer....he signaled me over with his hand. I walked over and with a slight annoyance said "Jaywalking." ..... then he accused me of giving him an attitude.

Reason for the attitude:

Other than the fact that this isnt one of the main roads in Coral Gables, If we look at the image below.....we can see the two ways we can cross the street into the alley. The red, is the SUGGESTED way and the yellow is my way. Growing up as a child my mother never told me to look both ways before crossing....I assume she knew it was implied by pure logic. I have made it this far in life without getting hit by a car (Although sometimes I crave for a speeding bus to do me in) and it pisses me off to have some dude telling me how to walk. F--- OFF THOUGHT  WALK POLICE!

Oh....let me mention....I got my name added to a list for this, I got blacklisted for jaywalking!!!! What the f---.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I love: Arthur Ganson

I'm sure many of us (particularly those who have seen Pee Wee's Big Adventure or owned their very own box of Kinex in the 80's) have thought of building a machine that would save us the trouble of  having to toast our own bread, make coffee, let the dog out, and other routine morning tasks. 

Although, Arthur Gansons kinetic sculptures arent as practical as Pee Wee's, they are ing-tricate, ing-teresting, ing-credible, and ing-spiring. (Sorry I just had to do that!) Above you will find a video named "Corys Yellow Chair", the video is a little dark, but it is purely for dramatic purposes. Below you will find another one I like called "Machine With Abandoned Doll" Check out his other videos on youtube, enjoy,  and be amazed!

My Someecard to Richard

Blog Review: Dear Old Love

Click pic above to be redirected to blog

This is one of the blogs I follow. Similar in style to  Passive Aggressive Notes or Post Secrets, "Dear Old Love"  is composed of reader submitted notes. The difference is that these notes are submitted by readers to those they love or loved, requited or not. Stop by and check out "Dear Old Love" and feel free to email them and see if they post one of your own clever one liners!

Check out the other blogs too! They're very entertaining :)..... I promise, it's true.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm BACK in full effect!!! 
Check out my bargain buy of the week....
This center table is exactly what I was looking for....
Since its such a small space I wanted something glass or lucite. 
How much? 15.00 !!! 
I'm very proud of my purchase.
Who wants to come by and kick their feet up on my coffee table?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Mourn-ing

.......getting over it slowly.....

This week has kicked my ass....
I should be back in full effect after a nice calm weekend. 

What she's wearing: Black

Shout out to "Bone Thugz", cuz I know you're always faithfully reading

Friday, August 13, 2010

Nothing to say, so I will leave you with these songs.
Listen to them and love them as much as I do.
If you dont want to hear them all , atleast listen to the last one...
Prokofiev <3





Yes, this guys rocks it....and he's cool looking.
I love love love this song...this is only a part of goes on longer than this

Thursday, August 12, 2010

[insert clever blog title here]

Well.....this has been by far the worse week of my entire life...
I cant imagine it getting any worse.
On a lighter note.... check out the poster I had printed from 
Great prices, good quality,  and fast shipping, I highly recommend.

Another One...


Richard is still dead....

After waiting and waiting and waiting, I find that Richard is still dead. Yes folks, everything we've see in the movies is untrue. Whoopie Goldberg hasnt shown up to help me communicate with him...Listening to white noise on television has only annoyed me....I even went to Haley Joel Osment, who told me to get a grip and get off his property immedietly!

I went through really old emails of ours and found a file he sent me a while back. At the time, I tried opening it but it wouldnt play because I didnt have Real Player on my computer. He told me to download Real Player and I said "no". Then he bitched at me for being so fucking lazy, to which I replied "Who the fuck uses Real Player now a days anyway!?"...... :::sigh:::: I miss him so much already.....

Anyway, I finally opened the file, Richard. A little late, but it couldnt have been at a more suitable time....

Ah, the sweet sound of Ella replaced with the cripiling feeling of losing someone you love. Im sure he had no clue that this song plays almost daily where I work. What a drag.

He posted this same song  on my Myspace page only days before he passed...but the Myspace version was less upbeat and an orange muppet with big blue eyes was singing it. It was funny in the saddest way possible..... he loved making these videos, they amused him so much.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



RIP: Richard

My friend Richard died........I found out today. It's been raining all day and I feel like weather. 

I wasnt going to blog about this because its too sad...but I blog about death often enough that that it is almost suitable to use this as an outlet  to cope or... express myself...or whateverthefuckidontknow.

As I stated in my will which I wrote years ago and just revised two weeks before he passed :  

VERY IMPORTANT I need someone to call Richard….tell him I loved him very much and always appreciated him being there for me. He’s the father I never had I'm sorry I had to go before he did. “No habla espanol”
....and by that, I'm sure you can all imagine how much pain I am in right now.
I dont know what to do.

As usual, when these things happen....I wasn't able to say bye. It kills me. I have never lost anyone this close to me and I now understand how those people feel when they look around and realize that this person is truly magical materializing in the middle of the night, no messages through white noise, ...nothing....just that. Not being able to say bye to the person you love is I know.

I have been so caught up with unimportant shit and I just didn't want to bring him down so I haven't called in a few weeks. I feel I should have been more aware of how bad his condition was getting. I should stop finding reasons to blame myself.

Anyway, judging by the video he posted on my myspace page just days before he died...I am assuming he knew.

Click here to watch 

Im sure he had no clue that this song plays almost daily where I work. What a drag. The sweet sound of Ella replaced with the crippling feeling of losing someone you love.

So I guess I should take this moment  to say bye....


 I love you more than I love my father....and hurts me so much that I can no longer pick up a phone and call you, and that  you wont be walking  me down the isle like i imagined. What makes me the most sad is that with time, I wont remember your voice anymore, but I will always miss you and love you and I promise that I will never forget you. All the times you said ridiculous shit, lectured me, tried to help, made me laugh...and did that terrible English accent (that amused me so much) when you pretended that "Zilly" grabbed the phone from you. I will never meet anyone else like you......RIP Richard <3 I love you so much.


And if someone says "He went to a better place" one more time Im going to stab one of you!
Its not a better place...he died....death....darkness....not a better place at all.

Monday, August 9, 2010

You're ugly...

Incase any of you were wondering what I did with the bees I found last week....

I call this little doll "You're ugly on the inside too" 
She's almost finished. Once I'm done  Im going to place her 
on my mantel next to the Frog Prince...anyone know where I can buy a mantel?

Why my friends kick ass...

I asked some of my friends to snap a pic of themselves
diligently working, and send  it to me!
Pretty much all of them did!
I love you all :) thank you for complying with my wishes
and making me smile every day



Frog Prince

I came across a frog one day
and boy was he charming
I gave him him a kiss 
what happened was alarming....
He didnt turn into a prince
He didnt say a word
A blank stare came over him
and pale did he turn
He flopped over and died
The stories were false
I was saddened 
and left with a weakened pulse
But as any creative girl would do
I put him in oil and honey too
and vowed to my frog prince to keep him around
to show to my friends 
and say "Look what I found" 

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Why are you people so fucking weird? TELL ME!!!

G20: there's a planetary grand square today
BITCH FACE: Whats that mean Walter Mercado?
G20: it means it's gonna be a tough day with our minds going crazy
G20: but we have to sit through it during these next 24 hours
BITCH FACE: hahaha thats me every day
G20: and not react
BITCH FACE: ok i'll sit quietly

Friday, August 6, 2010

I love : Helen Fisher

I heard her talk at the Ted Conference a while back, and just recently I was reading an article and her name came up in it....Helen Fisher is a Behavioral Anthropologist, writer, and professor, who's studies focus on love, and the effect it has on people.

As someone who loves love, loves romanticism, making love, everything about it, even to some degree the loss and pain that comes with it. I find her work very interesting and I just wanted to share.

In her Ted talk she spoke about her study, where she put 32 people  in an MRI machine. Some of these people were freshly in love, some in long term marriages, and some were suffering from having lost someone they love. She asked them all the same questions and found....well, listen to the talk :)

I have been thinking of getting this book by her called The Anatomy of Love where she examines the entire process of falling in love, from courting, to infatuation, marriage,breaking up etc. She writes about the changes our bodies go through physically, mentally, and emotionally. She also speaks of Darwin's theories on love and how some things we do to attract people aren't learned but  instilled in us through evolution, like smiling. She notes that babies who are born blind still exhibit the same inclination to smile as babies born with sight.

Yes sir, I like it....

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Moronasaurus Rex (Moe-ron-ah-saw-russ  Rex) - Noun

1. A really stupid dinosaur
2. A big stupid person

"Who designed this place? A moron , thats who!.... a Moronasaurus Rex" - Tanya

Listen Up! Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Satan Said Dance

hahaha I love this girl !

I regret to inform you that I'm suffering from a terrible condition that is no joking matter. It's called Dance Fever and if it's not taken care of SOON, I may have no choice but to take my own life." - Ana A.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Bad Taste of Lying

I hate when people at work share snacks with you that they think are AWESOME....
because sometimes you try it.....and you say to yourself "NOT AWESOME".

So, you pretend it's the most amazing shit youve ever had, just so they wont feel bad about it.

They walk away, and you think.... "Glad thats over.."

BUT THEN, they return another day and they offer you more of that same shit because they think you LOVED IT the first time.....and youre stuck on this loop for eternity having to eat this SHIT you dont like just cuz you lied to make them happy....

They're your you cant back-track and be like:
"Listen, I cant eat this crap anymore, I lied the first time...Id rather eatmy own vomit than this, take it, and go!"
because then you look like a rude, disgusting, liar.

So in the end, being cordial is bullshit....just let them know its wack in the first place.... lesson learnt!

This has happened to me a few  times already....I should have drawn the line at rice cakes.....