Saturday, July 3, 2010


I decided to drive to my moms house yesterday, I take the Snapper Creek highway to get there. I always encounter one toll on the usual, I slow down at the toll plaza, quickly gather my change, lower my window and begin to extend my arm to hand over my 1.25. I always try to have exact change because that lane goes faster...what really urks me is when people with NO EXACT CHANGE, take my lane. I digress...... As I reached over, I looked up and to my surprise, I see a robotic arm reaching for my hand and not the usual flesh and bone of a dreaery looking toll booth attendant. Perplexed...I drove all the way to my moms house, and upon some research I learned that our local toll booth attendants are now being replaced by robots!

Open Road Tolling will kick in to effect on the 17th of July and although I can see the obvious benefits of this, I cant help but feel saddened for all the toll folks who are going to be laid off. Where are they going to find jobs!?  I paid my toll as usual yesterday and decided to ask the friendly looking toll gentleman.
"Hey..what happens to you guys now that this new toll thing is going into affect?"
he let out a chuckle and replied "Well honey, we're out of a job!"

Thats the future huh? Dispose of all humans and replace them with technology...remove all socializing and replace it with social "networking", order your pizza online, download music and movies ONLINE....I dunno man, I'm not cool with this whole "future" shit.Change is kind of scary to me, specially when it creates less jobs and need for humans. The machines are taking over,

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