Friday, July 30, 2010

Haters : Andy Warhol

So I came in to work this morning as usual.... Logged in, as usual..... and AS USUAL, said hello the cutest little Bunni ever....this morning however she replied:

electrobunni: there was a girl trying to jump ofthe Epic Building this morning
to which I replied......
me: whats the Epic Building?
 As we sat and theorized as to why this girl was on the edge of a building on a Friday morning making everyone sit in morning rush hour traffic, I decided to pull up one of the most memorable suicides I know of. Evelyn McHale jumped off the Empire State Building. Yes....... of course it was over a boy.

Tanya and I continued to discuss....

me: so, what was this girl wearing ?

electrobunni: she was in a brown hoody and shorts

If I was going to jump off a building I would wear something better than that
Reading about the picture to the left, I found that this picture was taken by a photography student just 4 minutes after it happeend. He was standing across the street and heard a loud bang! He walked over and shot a picture that would later be published in Time Magazine. I mean, this was his one shot!  The one he would go down in history for.......but oh wait....... leave it to Andy Warhol to completely cag the whole thing...with "HIS" interpretation of it which he cleverly named "Suicide (Fallen Body)" .... Deep, dude.
Todays hater is me....and Im hating on Warhol for being so f-ing lame...sorry to all you Warhol fanatics out there....

Hate Hate Hate.

electrobunni: yea thats crazy
she looks so graceful tho
almost looks fake

me: thats how youre suppose to die.
not in a hoodie and shorts

electrobunni: lmaooo I love you


  1. Electrobunni: I hate Warhol too- BIG TIME! He was a suppressed fag...

  2. ing - who jumps off a building on a Friday morning ?

    Pablo - I dont know some people are crazy... maybe she didnt have any plans for the weekend...