Friday, July 16, 2010

Going Batty for Bandit

My mother found a small dying bat in her front porch yesterday...I went over in hopes of raising the little bat as my own and naming him Bandit....Um, what the f--- was I thinking? Bats are f-ing SCARY....Since it was just a little baby I figured they might be more.....I dunno, tender?.....haha NO WAY, still scary!

When I got there, Bandit was lying in a pile of ants curled up in a small furry ball. I took a pool net thingie and began poking him...he gathered what little strength he had, spread his wings, and started making this clicking noise with his small terrifying mouth.

I couldnt figure out what was wrong with him, his wings seemed intact and there was no blood or anything. I shoved him out of the pile of ants and started to snap pics of him. I sure as hell wasnt going to go through with my original plan....which was to pick him up with a pair of gardening gloves, cut my finger, let him feast on my blood and bring him home so he could hang out and eat any roaches he may find. I guess I have been watching too much True Blood....

Anyway, here are some pics of Bandit who later crawled away into the darkness when I wasnt looking.


  1. I'd say he looks so utterly hopeless and cute, but they have

  2. Awwww he's too cute. I like Bandit.

  3. poor thing, he doesn't have rabies!!!

    You should have moved him to a dark and closed place!
    He must have been so disoriented!

    It breaks my heart, I could have made a ball warmer for Iceland out of that fur.

  4. Esteban youre sooooo smart!!!!!