Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog Review

Today I would like to discuss Beards .... not to be confused with Moustaches......moustaches are ridiculous on many many levels. Men, not all of you have the wherewithal to sport a moustache, but here are some examples of  men that do: Tom Selleck, Clark Gables, Dali, The Brawny Man,  etc.

If you have known me for more than 2 minutes you will know that I love beards.... it wasnt until last nights ESPY awards that it hit me just how much I do...

I was out with a friend for Happy Hour, I found it impossible to focus on our conversation when Paul Rudd magically appeared on the TV behind him  sporting the sexiest beard I have seen on him since "Diggers".

Its a crime against the women and gay men in society to allow Paul Rudd to exit his home looking that way....he's  just waaaay too sexy.

Anyway, they have been around since time began which means that no matter how many flying cars, robots and metalic clothing the future brings, man will never cease to sport this fascinating face fur!
(I just wanted to say fascinating face fur....)

It's amazing how many websites and blogs come up when you google "Beards".... is one of those blogs. Showcasing merchandise, artwork,  images, videos, and other quirky beard related things, its the most interesting one I found.... I even became a follower, does that make me a "Beard Enthusiast"?

I recomend going by that site if youre bored of your face and thinking of growing a beard.
Or if you just like beards! Enjoy :)

I now leave you with other men that I love, wearing their beards:

Brad Pitt
Ryan Gosling
Yes....I love Jonah Hill
Robert Downey
And of course... Paul Rudd <3


  1. WOOOT!!! Go to that blog, then! This post is very much about having my sexy possee of bearded men posted to my blog... but it is also to spread the word about

  2. I would like to enter some sort of contest for beards...

  3. NO!! NO!!! where is Gerrard Butler!!!!? 300!!!! that shit was mantastic!!!

  4. Thats VERY true.....youre totally right Steven