Friday, July 9, 2010

El perro que no come' y no deja comer.

Baby is a smart bitch, as most German Shepherds often are.
Living with a pack of dogs was interesting.... I did it for a year and a half, and learned a lot. I was like...Diane Fossey....but in Fort Myers and with dogs not gorillas.

My favorite thing  to observe was the food fights....I know youre thinking school cafeteria and lunch was far more interesting....

Baby would lie there next to her food bowl looking the other way, hardly interested in its crunchy contents. Ocassionally she would doze off.....

Chasso, the other dog, would approach casually to eat some food from the bowl....immedietly Babys ears would perk up as she heard him approach. Chasso couldnt get his snout half way inside the bowl before Baby started to viciously bark at poor Chasso. Startled and trying to avoid the drama, he would walk away and search for food elsewhere.

After a few seconds Baby would let her guard down and lie back down.... look the other way...and doze off again. She wasnt hungry....Baby had no desire to eat....but....she sure as hell didnt want Chasso to either.

Funny how dogs do that.

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  1. Se dice
    Perro del Hortelano.

    if you want to further seek its meanings you can read.
    El perro del Hortelano - Lope de Vega

    beautiful dog btw.