Monday, June 28, 2010


Tanya and I went to Churchill's on Sunday to watch the games
As someone who definitely doesn't get out enough,
I was amazed at all the awesome people I met....
A lovely girl named Karin, born the day after me. 
A super cool gentleman from Whales.
Chase, a regular at Churchill's, she loved Tanya's music selection.
A Brad Pitt look alike, who was a little nutty.
and finally, Steven....

I let Steven hold my camera so that he could snap some pics around Churchill's....It quickly dawned on me that I had given a perfect stranger my 450.00 dollar Birthday gift.....I knew he would return because Tanya vouched for him. When he came back I began scrolling through the images and I found these really pretty shots :) I love the colors and everything about these images, I was very impressed. PROPS to you Steven!

...and Tanya, I had a great time thanks Bunni :)
I think I'm gonna drive over there and get some more Pizza from Wendy
mmmmmmm.... yes.....props to that pizza place too! and to Tanya also...
props to everyone! WOOT!


  1. Please don't eat pizza without me! and we need to go back and get our Churchill shirts! :)

  2. No one has ever done ANYTHING on me... This means alot... You poped my cherry LOL!! thank you.... and YOU TANYA.... you are the gift that keeps on giving. COOL camera.