Friday, June 25, 2010


I think only women will be able to fully relate to the fuckedupness of the following:

"Anoche vi una pelicula que me recordo de ti"

Translation: "I saw a movie last night which reminded me of you"

"What movie was that?" I replied

"Brad Pitts ex was in it...."

"Gweneth Paltro?"

"No the other one....and that girl you like, Drew Barrymore"

"Mother....were you watching "He's Just Not That Into You"???"


She then proceeded to try and pin-point which character reminded her of me the most....


  1. I've never seen that movie, I refuse too! I think it tries to make women feel insecure about themselves and remain jaded. Point is: males are the inferior species- punto y final!

  2. I saw it. It's like that episode on Sex and the City, where some guy tells Miranda that the guy she's into isn't into her. It pretty much tells us to not waste our time on the wrong guy. THE WRONG GUY!!!

    By the way.... what's up with your mom? She's got facebook, a farm on that shit and is watching girlie movies?!?

  3. lol She is VERY 2010....veeeeery 2010.....