Saturday, November 19, 2011

I love: Candice Tripp

Perusing Instagram one faithful day, I came across Cadice Tripps Instagram feed and was completely amused and intrigued by her lovely artwork. Born in South Africa and now a permanent resident of England, Candice makes art her full time job. She's not only beautiful, funny and talented, but she has that special "creepy gene" that I love so much.

What I really enjoy about her paintings, is her use of empty space. My favorite one (shown above) called "Team Building" is mostly blank space, but shows a posse of creepy masked children bullying one of their peers. I love the dark nature of her pieces, and the way she combines that with childlike whimsy. I cant wait to own one of my very own Candice Tripp prints one day, to gaze adoringly at for hours.

Check out her site and blog here :

Rick Genest - I like him

Rick Genest, the tattooed adonis, is coming into my radar more and more lately. I first caught glimpse of him on the Outsapop website, he was doing some modeling for a Menswear line. Rick is a 26 (?) year old, Canadian born model  with a love for skin art. I later saw him on a banner for a Lady Gaga video on Youtube and thought "Wow, this guy is getting around fast!" At that time, I had to stop myself from posting about him, because I didnt want to be "that'' girl. The swooning blogger posting nonsense about sexy boys. 

Well, today I am the impressed blogger posting cool things about this sexy boy. 

I just saw this video on Youtube, it's an advert for a makeup line called "Dermablend", the clever idea behind this marketing campaign was to covered Ricks body with makeup making him look un-tattooed again. We all know how makeup can cover blemishes , but seeing Rick go from skeleton to  human is a cool transformation to watch. See below.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh, Baby!


Judy, from Atlantis Home, posted these great pics of her outfit a few weeks (?) or months (?) ago. I have to say, I just about died when I saw her AWESOME vintage baby necklace! I have to have one!

If I cant have it....I'm going to have to set out on a journey to make one just like it. It is the most interesting piece of jewelry I have seen in a long, long time.

I should also add, I love Judy's pencil skirt and striped shirt combo, it's very nicely put together. Colorful, classy , and quirky. Me likes.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Haunted Air

These images were taken from where Judy writes about a book called Haunted Air. It's is a compilation of vintage photographs of people dressed in costume, celebrating my favorite holiday, Halloween. A truly unique and rare look at Halloween before the days of hot-shorts and fishnets.

I'm glad someone compiled this great collection of photographs. I have to admit.... I wish I had been able to experience Halloween in the olden days, because it looked fun as hell! Either way, I have to have this creepy treasure on my coffee table, STAT!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Discount Taxidermy

This is a great collection of really badly done animal taxidermy, pretty funny in a sad and useless kinda way! My favorite is the stoned Polar Bear! Enjoy!

The Danger of Discount Taxidermy!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I love: Kourtney Roy

I found Kourtney Roy via  ''Honestly .... WTF".

I just love the concept and how perfectly she orchestrated her idea for this series of photographs. 'Small town girls thinking of the lives they'd rather be living', Genius! We see a prom queen, maid, cheerleader, mother, and more, sitting in front of a cheesy vintage style backdrop. The look on their faces is that of deep thought, anguish, and sadness (All self portraits, might I add) Kourtney's amazing attention to detail is apparent  by her selection of wardrobe, accessories and props.

As I perused through her website I found that most of what she shoots has that same vintage flare. I don't know if she works with a team, or does this on her own, but the set design and styling are always impeccable.  I love vintage clothes, and there is no shortage of vintage garb to admire in her shots.

I can only assume she is a Helmut Newton fan, since her shots have so much Helmut Newton-like inspiration, which of course I admire and love. This girl  has fashion photography coursing through her!

I love Kourtney Roy

Saturday, August 6, 2011


With the help of my new found friend and boss ( Ada Truesdell ), I am redecorating my apartment.  I rid myself of the giant grey sofa and have decided to  simplifying my style by minimizing to just a few essential, nice pieces. We have decided to reupholster a vintage "Bergere" chair, add some pretty lamps, and a solid colored cowhide rug to class up my pad. This will give  it a more "upscale" look, all while keeping the quirky Ingrid-ness I have going on. 

I will post some more images once I have everything finished :) 
I'm totally excited about this project. Change is good!

I love: Jordan Baumgarten Photography

Today, I am going to come out of hiatus and tell you all about one of my favorite photographers. I guess I'm a little bias because I know him personally.... but I swear, he's actually really talented. What I find interesting about Jordan is that he's color blind. He doesn't  really see it as a big deal, but I cant figure out how he can't see color properly and still take such great shots. He has been shooting  B+W lately "as a departure from color", but his color images are just as amazingly composed and beautiful as his B+W! My favorite thing about being friends with Jordan is getting a first look at some of the ridiculous and interesting  things he comes across. He sends me funny captioned emails that make me smile, and for that, he's my favorite ever. Witty, talented, and dashing, I love: Jordan Baumgarten Photography.

Check out his website here:
and his blog, (where he posts a photo a day) here:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Listen Up! WoodKid - Iron

Pretty much obsessed with the cinematography in this video, It's freaking beautiful!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Dye For

RunwayDreamz -
purple and pink dyed shorts

 Dyed shorts are all the buzz in the DIY blogs this summer. I saw some really awesome ones by a brand called RunwayDreamz but they are retailing at... brace yourself.... $169.00.

Sure, I could just fork over the $169.00 for a super cool pair that already has all the bells and whistles (i.e. tears and studs) although I don't think I'd be able to live with myself after.  Instead, I thought  I'd embrace my inner DIYer and make my very own pair for less than $20.00. I'm not Oprah....and $169.00 for a pair of shorts is a little rich even for my fancy taste.

So I set out to the local second hand store for some jeans that I could rip up into shorts, and I got some dye at Publix. They didnt have the colors I wanted to make a pair similar to the ones on the left, so I just got Fuchsia and Yellow. Well,  long story short...I fucked them up.

This image was taken before I washed the bleach out.
They came out less yellow than this.

So I took a pair of my very own jeans and decided to try again. This time I held out on the dye because I really like the way they came out without being tie dyed. All I need now is to let them dry and apply some bells and whistles! They remind me of something I'd find in the AllSaints store and not buy because they cost way too much. Booyah, AllSaints!

I think Im gonna try again at the dual color shorts so stay tuned!

I don't know. 

UPDATE* Once the others dried, they basically turned light grey and beige. I tried to add some black dye to them to make them look more like the pic I posted above, but I  ended up fucking them up as well. That was very fun and not frustrating at all.
I bleached them and dyed them yellow pink and red (which looked more orange). I also bleached my fingers raw, so don't forget to wear gloves! I am not happy with these, so Im gonna try again once my hands heal. haha

This is an entertaining project and its interesting to see my shorts go from 'pretty cool' to 'hippied out' and back to a blank canvas again.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm so metal

So , as you may know from frequenting my blog, I have been taking a jewelry making class where I have learned to work with metals. It's been really fun for me, and I have so many ideas in que for future projects.

I just wanted to share a few things I have made with you folks! I have always had a problem keeping the projects I work on looking similar, it really annoys me because I like consistency  and I'm excited to see an interesting style developing.

Hope you guys like it!


I havent been blogging lately, but that is because I have been instagraming like a little maniac. I am slowly working on this compilation called #ingatwork, where I photograph myself being a total dweeb. Its turning out nicely, I hope the ideas keep coming to me. Check it...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End

I'mma cut ya!

Thanks to GC, who once again assisted me in cutting some stuff with his magical Diamond-bit tile cutting saw. This time around I had a chunk of amythest, and some petrified wood. We'll see what I end up with! I'm really excited to get started on this!  Thank You Again GC, I love you for coming through!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Check out this video that I found via

"If you’ve got a few minutes to spare today and are looking to be inspired, check out this short film showing how French artists Supakitch and Koralie created a beautifully detailed mural from start to finish. The Japanese inspired mural was put together last fall for an exhibition in Sweden called Kimono Fusion." - Honestly...WTF


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Armored Sweater

Look what I made, everybody! Since Ive been on a total DIY trip lately I decided to bedazzle this cute thrift found cardigan with 
these awesome gunmetal pyramid studs. It's so Mad Max looking!Cant wait to wear it! :) 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Picture courtesy of
I feel just awful following up the Poly Styrene post with such high doses of excitement and whimsy but I have to say that oh my god.....Im TOTALLY going to do this. Even if its only for a month, I am going to turn my bedroom into a fort! I saw this post on and EVERYTHING she posts I must have one. Lets call it my "happy place" , you're all invited*

*by you're all i mean absolutely none of you except Mario, because he's helping me build it.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, I've only just heard that Poly Styrene, lead singer of the Xray Spex 
died of cancer on April 25,She was only 53. fuck.

I'm Buggin!

Handmade by Ing :
Brass - Swarovski Crystal - Smoky Quartz
& Beetle in Resin 
Wednesday was the first time my bug necklace saw the light of day. I took it to Red Koi on Miracle Mile, where it had lunch with The Bunni and I. Overhearing our conversation on my new piece, a lovely woman interrupted and commented on how nice and "professional looking" my necklace had come out! She explained that she studied Entomology and that was all it took to make my day!

She went on about how much she loved my piec but it saddens me to say that I had no business card or website or anything to give her! I have to get on this ASAP. Yesterday I wore my necklace out again, the girl from Chicken Kitchen said she liked it. Haha, not exactly the same thing, but not everyone could be a beautiful Entomologist with good hearing! Atleast people are noticing it  though and so far I'm getting a great response! 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Project Facade

Fine. I will admit it....
I like creepy things.

Back in 2009, I somehow stumbled across the mother-load of creepiness; I found THIS SITE which contains images of postmortem infants of the 1800's. As I remember, was still "in" and I posted a blog on there about my strange find. That post ended up arousing the curiosity of a gentleman who I would later date for almost two years. Isn't that just heartwarmingly disgusting and cute? I can't image getting the same results this time around, but I can say that a girl can only hope and dream. ha!

Any-hoot...I have stumbled across this little interesting gem.... Its a site called Project Facade which contains case studies of facially disfigured soldiers from the first World War who underwent reconstructive surgery (when reconstructive surgery first came about). *I cant even imagine getting a cold during that time much less extensive facial surgery!* They show before and after pictures along with information on some of the soldiers, and the innovative procedures they used. It goes without saying, that it's not for the squeamish (like Bryan Esper).

Just when you think  you've reached the end of the internet with your hours and hours of endless web browsing, you take another look and find gems like these that bring back that excitement you once had about the world wide web.That statement is probably a bit exaggerated.

Check out Project Facade

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Next Stop : Detroit

Someone, I forget who... sent me a link to these really great shots of some abandoned buildings in Detroit and I thought I'd share! Super cool, worth checking out 


Friday, April 22, 2011

Ing is NY Bound!

Use your Facebook for something productive !
 I will be in NY from the 16th - 20th, if anyone knows anything amazing happening during those days please let me know! 

Listen UP! Tv On The Radio -Will Do

Bitch face Dianna did something nice for a change
and sent me the new TV On The Radio album! THANKS BAAAAAAABE!!!!
This is my FAVORITE song so far. Listen Up!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Listen Up! The President

I received an email last week and the subject was: "The President wrote a song about you". Intrigued, I opened the mail and listened to track 5 of The Presidents new album..... after dropping to the floor in convulsions, my ears literally threw up! Such a GREAT TRACK! My names in it, thats why.

Not to be confused with "The Presidents of the United States of America" (who have aeons of talent in comparison) , The President is actually a one man band, and as unbearable as his music is...I'd be lying if I said his drive and confidence  doesn't mildly impress me. Way to go Mr. President, happy about your album, keep making music that makes people want to shoot themselves in the ears!   love: Ing

Check out his entire album:  HERE

As Seen On:!!!!

I havent written about  but it one of  my FAVORITE DIY and Fashion blog. I love everything this girl posts. Most DIY projects are super unique and totally do-able. I saw these sweet all black Mink and Leather coverse and thought...."I have to make those!" So I did. They came out identical to the ones posted on her site. I'm very happy with these :) toot - toot!

Que Cool !!!

I had been wanting a double finger bar ring for a while.
After much research , I came across one at for 96.00.
It's fucking gorgeous, but kinda steep in price....

So I kept looking and came across this  little puppy!
Custom made to fit your tentacles, this stainless steel double finger ring
is the shit! I love it . I wear it all the damn time.
It's super simple and sleek, comfortable, and since its actually stainless steel
it wont rust....AND only cost me 16 beans. 

Go visit Untamed Menagerie on

(they also have a lot of Alice in Wonderland 
and other super cool handmade accessories)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Catching up!

Amythest and Brass Ring by ing
Ingrid! Where have you been!? What have you been doing!? Well.....I know I've pulled one of my Houdini-esque  "disappear off the earth" tricks on most of you, but it hasn't been in vain! I do this once in a while to gain perspective and focus, and this time I am really proud of what I have been creating with all my extra time. I've received a couple of emails from people asking how I have been and I just want to let you all know that I have been productive, and happy.

My mind has been occupied working 6 days a week, trying to finally create the things I've had in mind for years now, possibly moving, and all my extra time I spend sitting on Titan; watching (through my one good eye) a juggling polar-corn, that shits chocolate, and pees beer with a roach murderer at my side. He's quirky like MEEEEE!!!

Anyway, the ring in the picture? I made it :) I plan to make more like it in various metals and stones! Also, stay tuned for the bugs in resin jewelry that I have been wanting to make for YEARS now! Its bigger and better than the last last ones you may have seen. I will try to blog more often, although Im not certain who I blog for anymore. Either way, stay tuned! Over and out! pretty great

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I understand now.

The mailman who I LOVED was replaced with some fat woman.
The old mail man was my FAVORITE, so I was sad to see him go.
He loved Barry White, had two bad knees, and was always smiling.
So now it's me and the fat mean woman.
On her second delivery to the showroom
she complained about having to walk all the way to my desk.
That pissed me off, because walking is 99% of her job!
She would wobble from side to side all the way to my desk, daily.
I grew tired of watching her I said to her one day:
"You know what.....just leave the mail on that table by the door"
Ever since then, she's been all smiles, super nice, and greets me each time she walks in.

Moral of the story....fat people like you better when you make them walk less.

Got it.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Has thou frozen over?!

It's no secret that yesterday was St.Patricks Day, and just like any proud Irish woman would do on that day, I drank. BUT HERE I AM, bright and early to engage in another fabulous day of work! 

Have I told you about my co-worker Juliana? She is a pretty columbian chick (recollects a drunken rant about the same topic the evening prior) I have been given the task of helping this little angel with HER tasks because they overwork her. Fine. Ing doesn't mind helping others from time to time...

HOWEVER, unlike me, she is slightly high strung and is almost constantly stressed and demanding things right away. This in turn stresses ME out even though I am generally a pretty laid back person. She hands me these numbered lists of things to do and although I have become accustomed to these damn lists, it still drives me mad when she hands me one. 

So this morning I come in to work and before I could even sit my ass down and turn my computer on Mario immediately starts to IM me! So I address the frantic gay calmly. He tells me his mid morning daydreams about islands and cabanas and palm trees and sleeping.....and just as I'm getting to that level of imagination and start thinking of things to add to his amazing fantasy I hear steps coming down the metal stairs in the back. I have developed a method of pinpointing who is coming by the sound their shoes make and the loudness of the thump on each step. Right away I know its Juliana....

"Here she comes, I hear her coming" I type to Mario....

And Juliana appears....

"You probably hear me coming down the stairs don't you" she says cheerfully.
"Yes.." I nod ".....yes I do" and force a smile upon my face.
"I just wanted to give you this...." she says and hands me a box of chocolates and a note.
I smile, (genuinely this time) surprised at the nice gesture from this person I otherwise considered a non human robot workaholic. "Thank you...thats very romantic of you" I say in my half amused voice. "Im a very romantic girl" she says. She looked up to her right....which means that she was reaching into the memory vault in her mind and pulling out an instance  where she did something romantic....she  completely failed to pick up on my sarcasm. 

She makes it  hard to dislike her when she surprises me with chocolate, and in a way it makes me dislike her more.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Cart Before the Horse

Cuteness Overload! 

These hand painted wood and fabric dolls are lovely! 
See more here: 

and remember :